Answers To “Tell Me About Yourself ” For Fresh Graduate Question

Posted by | March 10, 2018 | Article University

You are a fresh graduate and you have never set your foot in an interview, but you have always heard of the popular question that everyone who has every attended an interview always talks about.

The tell me about yourself for fresh graduates is a tricky one for candidates considering they do not have any prior experience in the industry they are seeking a job.

The goal of higher education is to prepare one for the workforce, yet time spent in the educational system is time not spent creating real world experiences and accomplishments.

In today’s economic times, employers value known commodities over unknown risk. They are looking for achievements instead of possibility; experience over knowledge.

Interview questions are designed to highlight these achievements. Yet as a recent college graduate, you are not going to have very much work experience.

Few graduates have improved sales by 150% or created organizational structures that improved efficiency from top to bottom.

Luckily, you can implement interview strategies that will allow you to effectively answer these personal job interview questions and prove to employers that your skills are more than suited for the position.

Below are some sample interview questions to graduates and how to answer them.

Q: Tell Me About Yourself

This is another interview question designed to spot weaknesses in college graduates.

You should answer this question with your education and accomplishments, and stay away from answers about your personality, your social life, what it was like growing up, etc.

No matter how friendly the interviewer seems, ask yourself, “If the company was a person, would the company care about what I’m saying?”

Companies only care about how you will contribute to the organization and what proof you have that you would be a model employee.

Tell me about yourself for fresh graduate should simply highlight on ways you prove valuable to the organization.

Q: Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years?

Perhaps one of the most common interview questions to recent graduates is their five to ten year plan. It is also the question that most graduates fail.

Though employers may encourage personal or truthful answers, the company’s only true interests are themselves.

If you plan to further your studies, plan to travel, plan to get married – these are all interesting on a personal level, but none of them reflect well on your potential to stick with the company.

Your answer should resemble “My goal in five years is to have garnered enough experiences that I can take on a managerial or supervisorial role within the company.”

Q: Why Do You Think You Are a Good Fit For the Company?

Interview preparation is vital for these types of answers. Research the company in full. Employers are not going to be expecting graduates to provide detailed, complete answers about your specific qualifications for the company and the role.

Q: What Made You Choose This Job?

Graduates are often asked this question when seeking entry level positions at jobs that are unrelated to their area of specialization.

You should answer this question as though it was your plan all along, “I studied communications because I was passionate about the topic, but working in graphic design has always been my career choice.

Indeed, though journalism may not relate directly to computer programming, it does relate to working within the corporate world, and it will allow me to recognize, understand, and adapt to new skills. I am confident that my degree will prove invaluable to working within the design department in your company.”

It is guaranteed that for a first time the tell me about yourself for fresh graduate question is likely to come up and therefore for a first interview it is really important to ensure that you are ready for these personal questions that revolve around you.

You would be surprised about how most people go blank the moment they are asked to talk about themselves.